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The Crown Netflix, A Day in the Life of Adriano Goldman

Last season, director of photography Serge Desrosiers, CSC went behind the scenes of hit Netflix show The Crown to examine the work of the show’s outstanding cinematographer — Adriano Goldman, ASC, BSC and ABC. His investigation into Goldman’s work is now a fascinating mini documentary, which will be released May 21, 2020.

The film explores the day-to-day operations of the series, showing: how Goldman got the job; how he approaches each episode as individual stories; and how he utilises his gear to create the unique look of the show, while adhering to Netflix’s complex technical requirements. The documentary is a outstanding learning tool for all those interested in how a great cinematographer brings his vision to the screen.

The documentary allowed Desrosiers rare access to sets constructed exclusively for the show. It demonstrates how the crew replicated Buckingham Palace and other ‘real-world’ sets, allowing Goldman and his crew flexibility to shoot in ways not possible at the real locations.

Desrosiers is happy to discuss the documentary, If you are interested, in Los Angeles please contact Marta at ou en français Roxanne at